Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christian science deniers use censorship on their Christian websites to avoid learning anything about science.

All Christians are fucking morons but it's fair to say the most retarded Christian assholes call themselves Baptists. The Baptist cult attracts science deniers and only science deniers.

I recently tried to register on a science denying Baptist website and I had to answer some strange questions to get accepted to their club. I'm too honest to make things up so I probably failed their test.

Their most idiotic question was "Statement of Salvation. Tell why you think you are going to Heaven."

I wanted to write "There is no heaven you fucking idiots" but I didn't want to scare them too much so I wrote "I prefer to not think about that." They probably won't like that answer nor will they like the answer I gave to these two questions: "Your denomination" and "The name of your home church". I wrote "none" for both questions.

I'll never get in so I won't be able to explain to the uneducated morons what a scientific theory is, and the evidence for evolution.

Christians are uneducated idiots because they do everything they possibly can to stay uneducated. Perhaps they fear education equals no magical heaven fantasy. Cowards are terrified of reality and they don't want to hear anything about reality.

The post I was interested in was called "Is Darwinism compatible with Biblical Christianity?"

The correct answer is NO and they all got that right. But their answers were still ridiculous.

Christian assholes always call evolution "Darwinism". I wanted to tell them evolution is called "evolution". I also wanted to correct several other misconceptions including their misunderstanding of what a scientific theory is. Some retards wrote about theistic evolution. If I could have joined their idiot website I would have explained there's nothing theistic about reality.

Their stupidity burns out of control and there's millions of these Christian scum in Idiot America.

Their insanity can be found at

Here's some of their Christian idiocy:

NO !!! & Absolutely NOT!!! If you accept Darwin and his molecules to man/millions of years THEORY and cast doubt on the historical authority of the Genesis account of Creation then you cast doubt on the authority of the entire Word of God. Creation happened as God recorded it. IT is a matter of faith though...and that is a gift from God.

There is an alternative explaination for the formation of the Grand Canyon.
Fossil "evidence" does not prove the birds and dinasours relationship.
The classic embryo development presentation is a fraud.

Brother...I could not even possibly say it any better than THAT!! So I'll just say...AMEN! AMEN! & AMEN!!!

In summary, evolution states that nothing existed and then it blew up. Then it clumped together and became planets. Then minerals started to become people.

Man was not allowed to eat meat until after the flood.

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