Saturday, October 27, 2012

Victims of religious indoctrination have to make a decision. They can waste their entire lives believing in bullshit or they can grow up.

Victims of religious indoctrination can grow up and throw out the magical bullshit, or they can forever remain cowardly retards.

Normal people are able to grow up. Drooling morons would rather hide in their childish everything-is-magic fantasy world.

Normal people become atheists. Assholes for Jeebus and Mohammed become Bible thumpers or suicide bombers.

How hard is it to grow up? Apparently it's very difficult to grow up in Idiot America because Christian scum are still the majority of our population.

So instead of learning about the natural world, Americans learn how to defend their god fairy's magic wand.

Instead of raising normal children, they brainwash their children with the exact same death cult they inherited from their idiot parents. And this is why Idiot America will always be a nation of fucking idiots.

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