Thursday, October 11, 2012

President Obama, you're doing it wrong.

President Obama, you're doing it wrong. I live in Florida. Because this is a toss-up state you've been wasting millions of dollars on Florida TV ads that won't work.

Mr. President, do you remember the debate you had with Mr. Romney a few days ago? Do you remember when Romney said "I will not under any circumstances raise taxes on the middle class."? Of course you remember it because when he said that you were unable to face him and you put your head down.

But yesterday I saw one of your television ads which you approved ("I'm President Obama and I approve this message.") The TV ad said "Mitt Romney will raise taxes on the middle class."

Mr. President, 67 million American voters watched you lose that debate, and so when they see your dishonest TV ad they will of course know you're a fucking liar. Mr. President, what's the point of being dishonest if everyone knows you're being dishonest? What, Mr. Obama, do you expect to accomplish when you demonstrate the fact that you're a pathological  liar?

Maybe you could make a TV ad about America's sick economy. You could say "It's not my fault,"

Oh wait, that would be dishonest too. 23 million desperate Americans can't find a job and it's completely your fault. You had two years with a Democratic House and Senate so you could have had anything you wanted. What you wanted and what you got was almost one trillion dollars which we borrowed from China to spend on a government stimulus which obviously didn't work. You could have lowered taxes for job creators and everyone else to stimulate the economy but since you're a tax-and-spend liberal asshole you did the exact opposite. You repeatedly threatened to raise taxes on job creators which motivated them to stop creating jobs. Instead of making the economy better you fucking retard, you made the economy worse.

I don't like incompetent people, Mr. President, and I have extreme contempt for fucking liars. Most Americans agree incompetence and dishonesty are bad things and that's why, Mr. President, you will soon be one of those 23 million unemployed Americans. You will be replaced by somebody who understands how free enterprise works.

In closing, Mr. President, fuck you asshole.

Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012 - Elections 2012


Last night I watched the debate between the two candidates for Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden (the liberal loon) and Paul Ryan (the economic conservative).

Most everyone agreed the debate was a draw with Mr. Biden winning first prize for being an asshole.

Biden was interrupting his opponent so many times Mr. Ryan finally said "I know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but I think people would be better served if we don't interrupt each other."

Biden won the subject called abortion. Why some economic conservatives like Paul Ryan think it's OK to stick their noses into other people's private lives I will never understand. They should keep their idiotic religious bullshit out of government.

Liberals have an equally stupid problem. According to liberals American women are only interested in one subject, their right to murder their own fetuses. Fortunately most female voters are not the airheads liberals think they are. For example women are interested in how to fix a broken economy. Liberals think all females are liberals, but like the rest of the population only about 21% would call themselves liberals. Most Americans think the word liberal is an insult.

I have to criticize Mr. Ryan for another thing: When the subject was foreign policy Mr. Ryan spent a lot time nitpicking when really there isn't that much difference between the two candidates on this subject. Foreign policy is one of the few things Mr. Obama has been doing correctly. For example Obama killed Osama.

But most Americans give a shit about foreign policy. They are more concerned about our weak economy. As Mr. Ryan pointed out, our economy is getting worse instead of getting better. That's enough reason right there to throw Obama out of the White House. Mr. Ryan gave voters more reasons to throw Obama out. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have new ideas to fix the unemployment problem, ideas that make sense. Most of the discussion was about Romney's plans because Obama doesn't have anything to offer, except of course his never ending threats to punish job creators with higher taxes, as if stealing profits from job creators will encourage them to create more jobs.

Mr. Biden said something useful during the debate which I agreed with. Joe Biden said the reason America has a firm 2014 withdraw date from Afghanistan is because otherwise the cowardly Muslim scum in Afghanistan will do nothing to defend their own country. They would rather have American soldiers do their fighting and dying for them.

The problem is after we leave in 2014, or if we leave in 2114 a hundred years from now, the Afghan cowards will do nothing to defend themselves after we leave. They will let the Taliban terrorists take over their country, and our entire time spent in Afghanistan, more than a decade of lost American lives and a trillion dollars spent, it will all be for nothing, just like our war in Vietnam was for nothing. So why not just get out now instead of later because who gives a shit about that dirt-bag worthless permanently-stuck-in-the-Dark-Ages country.

In the debate Mr. Ryan showed he is qualified to be president of the united states in case something happens to Romney. Paul Ryan has ideas to fix our economy while President Obama only knows how to make our unemployment problem worse.

Complete Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan - Oct 11, 2012 - Elections 2012

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