Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do scientists shoot 14 year old girls in the head for wanting to go to school? No, only religious assholes do that.

Do scientists fly airplanes into buildings?

Do scientists harass and threaten biology teachers?

Do scientists raise their arms into the air to praise the Magic Jeebus Man?

Do scientists call themselves "god's chosen people"?

Do scientists go to insane asylums called churches to listen to professional idiots babble about magic fairies, magical heavens, and magical hells?

Do scientists blow themselves up to murder innocent people?

Do scientists invoke magic to solve scientific problems?

Do scientists brainwash children with magical bullshit that couldn't possibly be true?

Do female scientists hide their entire bodies with a black tent with veiled holes for their eyes? 

Do scientists riot and murder whenever somebody ridicules one of their ideas?

Do scientists call their ideas "the one true hypothesis"?

Do scientists refuse to throw out old ideas when massive new extremely powerful evidence repeatedly shows beyond any doubt those old ideas are bullshit?

Do scientists deny basic scientific facts that have been tested thousands of times and are supported by overwhelming extremely powerful evidence and more than a century of scientific research?

Do scientists exterminate millions of people just because they believe the wrong childish fantasies?

Do American scientists waste taxpayer money trying to defend their disrespect for the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution?

Do scientists attack science education to defend everything-is-magic bullshit?

Do scientists believe a retard who calls himself "the son of god" can become a zombie after being dead for three days?

Do scientists believe the Earth's moon was magically split in half and then magically put back together again?

When scientists are unable to solve a scientific problem do they give up and say "The Magic Man did it"?

Do scientists believe in childish cowardly bullshit like a magical heaven because they're terrified of reality?

Do scientists pray to invisible fairies?

Do scientists give away their hard-earned money to professional assholes who brainwash innocent children?

Do American scientists end speeches with bullshit words like "god bless America"?

Do scientists believe the entire fucking universe was magically created out of nothing 6,000 years ago?


If you believe there's a god fairy waving its magic wand somewhere in the universe, you're a fucking idiot. The world becomes a better place whenever one of you fucking retards drops dead.

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