Monday, October 29, 2012

Christian scum are voting for Romney for the wrong reasons.

I'm an economic conservative so of course I'm voting for Romney instead of the incompetent liberal loon who now occupies the White House.

This is a disgusting truth: Romney would never have any chance of defeating President Obama without the Christian retards who are voting for him. And in most cases they are voting for Romney because even though he belongs to a different cult, he is considered more religious than Obama who by the way in my opinion is really an atheist (which is a good thing). They should be voting for Romney because he can fix our broken economy but instead they prefer Romney because he's god-soaked.

It's impossible to be more brain-dead fucking stupid than the idiots who visit Kentucky's magical creationism museum, but they're voting for Romney.

This is a link to a British news website. Notice how the British keep misspelling words. For example colors is spelled "colors", not "colours". You would think the people who invented English would be able to spell English words properly like we Americans do.

Just off Interstate 275, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, you’ll find a sophisticated museum that transports you back to the time of the dinosaurs. No, not back to the Triassic Period, said to have been 230 million years ago. Only back 6,000 years, to when T. Rex and others roamed the planet along with humans.

Mr. McGonigal, a Baptist from Pennsylvania, says that his belief very much colours his voting preferences. “It’s important that our leaders adhere to biblical principles,” he said. “That’s the only way they can be moral men.” For him, that means voting for Mitt Romney.

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