Thursday, October 4, 2012

A product/process engineer pretends he's a biologist. He invokes magical intelligent design creation out of nothing to explain anything that's too complex for him to understand.

His blog has many comments and 100% of those comments show their love for this science denying idiot. Isn't that interesting?

He invokes the usual professional retards like Michael Behe, the laughing stock of Lehigh University.

He even invokes the idiotic propaganda movie called "Expelled".

In between pretending magical design is science, he thumps his Bible, including the Genesis fantasy.

Of course there's some dishonest quote mining of Richard Dawkins who he calls a Neo-Darwinian, as if normal people use that word.

In one of the comments a fucking idiot wrote about his "faith in a loving Creator God".

The Christian fairy is amazing. After spending all that time waving its magic wand to magically create everything out of nothing, especially if it's too complex for Christian assholes to understand, the fairy still has time to be loving.

Oh fuck, the stupid hurts my head.

The insanity burns out of control at Intelligent Design, Evolution, & Molecular Machines.

Guess what idiot country this asshole belongs to.

That's right, he lives in the United States of Jeebus. America is not a real country. It's really an insane asylum.

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