Tuesday, October 9, 2012

President Obama, all you have is your complaints about Romney. Don't you have any new ideas to fix our broken economy?

23 million desperate Americans can't find jobs, not even a part time job, and the only idea Obama has to solve this problem, when he isn't complaining about his opponent with trivial nonsense, is he wants to raise taxes (steal money) from wealthy people. What did these rich pigs do to deserve this harassment? They worked hard all their lives and they were successful. Our president thinks he can fix our broken economy by punishing success.

The problem is, Mr. President, when you steal money from America's job creators you are not encouraging them to create more jobs. Instead you're doing the exact opposite. You are taking profits from the private sector that would have been reinvested into small businesses so you can waste it on government bullshit which has a long history of accomplishing nothing. You're not helping to create jobs. You are killing jobs. That's all you have to offer and then you wonder why you're losing in toss-up states like Florida and Virginia. You're also going to lose Ohio because the voters there are finding out you're incompetent. You have zero business experience, Mr. Obama. You don't have any idea how free enterprise works. You are not qualified to be president of a capitalist country like America.

In the debate Romney was the only candidate who was able to explain how the economy can be fixed. But you, Mr. President, offered only your trivial boring complaints.

I recently asked a liberal friend what Obama should have done in the debate which he obviously lost. His reply went something like this: "Obama should have talked about the 47% thing (which Romney admitted was just plain wrong), Obama should have talked about Romney's bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, and Obama should have talked about the 14% income tax rate Romney paid." All of those complaints have been made repeatedly in Obama's TV commercials. My friend never suggested Obama offer new ideas in the debate. I guess even liberals don't expect that much from a liberal president.

Mr. Obama, Romney was doing what every other American does at tax time, which is to pay as little taxes as legally possible because even liberals know the government will flush those taxes down the toilet, also known as wasting it on bullshit. If Romney didn't do what he had to do to lower his taxes, it would have been fair to call him an idiot. You had two years with a Democratic Senate and House so you could have reformed our income tax laws, but you didn't bother with it.

Romney wants to drastically lower the deductions allowed for wealthy people while lowering the tax rate to help job creators create more jobs. Meanwhile Mr. Obama, you want to leave the deductions there while raising the tax rate so job creators create less jobs. I'm sorry Mr. President, but you're an idiot.

Rasmussen Tracking10/6 - 10/81500 LV3.04848Tie
Pew Research10/4 - 10/71112 LV3.44945Romney +4
Gallup Tracking10/2 - 10/82721 LV2.04947Romney +2
IBD/TIPP Tracking10/2 - 10/8797 LV3.54745Romney +2

In a national Gallup poll released Tuesday, Romney was leading 49-47 percent among likely voters. A Reuters-Ipsos national poll showed the candidates tied. 

The RealClearPolitics average of polling now shows Romney leading by less than 1 percentage point in Florida, and Obama leading by the same airtight margin in Ohio. Obama was well ahead in those states just days ago. 

Further, Romney's post-debate surge appears to have all but wiped out Obama's once double-digit lead among women voters. 

A Pew Research Center survey released Monday depicted a remarkable swing in the numbers, with Romney pulling even among women in polling late last week. In September, the same polling outfit showed Obama leading by 18 points among women. 

Among all likely voters surveyed, Romney climbed from an 8-point deficit last month to a 4-point lead. 

There's little question that his debate performance has played a role. A separate Gallup survey showed registered voters deemed Romney the winner by 72-20 percent, marking the biggest debate victory in Gallup's recorded history.

Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012 - Elections 2012


President Obama, you're doing it wrong. I live in Florida. Because this is a toss-up state you've been wasting millions of dollars on Florida TV ads that won't work.

Mr. President, do you remember the debate you had with Mr. Romney a few days ago? Do you remember when Romney said "I will not under any circumstances raise taxes on the middle class."? Of course you remember it because when he said that you were unable to face him and you put your head down.

But yesterday I saw one of your television ads which you approved ("I'm President Obama and I approve this message.") The TV ad said "Mitt Romney will raise taxes on the middle class."

Mr. President, 67 million American voters watched you lose that debate, and so when they see your dishonest TV ad they will of course know that you're a fucking liar. Mr. President, what's the point of being dishonest if everyone knows you're being dishonest? What, Mr. Obama, do you expect to accomplish when you demonstrate the fact that you're a pathological  liar?

Maybe you could make a TV ad about America's sick economy. You could say "It's not my fault,"

Oh wait, that would be dishonest too. 23 million desperate Americans can't find a job and it's completely your fault. You had two years with a Democratic House and Senate so you could have had anything you wanted. What you wanted and what you got was almost one trillion dollars which we borrowed from China to spend on a government stimulus which obviously didn't work. You could have lowered taxes for job creators and everyone else to stimulate the economy but since you're a tax-and-spend liberal asshole you did the exact opposite. You repeatedly threatened to raise taxes on job creators which motivated them to stop creating jobs. Instead of making the economy better you fucking retard,  you made the economy worse.

I don't like incompetent people, Mr. President, and I have extreme contempt for fucking liars. Most Americans agree incompetence and dishonesty are bad things and that's why, Mr. President, you will soon be one of those 23 million unemployed Americans. You will be replaced by somebody who understands how free enterprise works.

In closing, Mr. President, fuck you asshole.

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