Saturday, October 27, 2012

I wish, I wish, oh how I wish Ohio voters choose Romney instead of the liberal loon.

For many reasons it's very important for me that Romney wins the election. Of course it's up to Ohio voters. Before I read Why Romney Doesn’t Need a Poll Lead in Ohio I had given up all hope of Romney winning in Ohio. Now I'm not sure. I hope this article is something more than wishful thinking.

What are those reasons? Why am I so obsessed with throwing Obama out of the White House?

Obama violated my basic human right to spend my hard earned income any way I want. Even though Obama works for me (Politicians don't own America. We own America. Politicians are just our employees.) Obama had the nerve to tell me how I must spend my paycheck. His liberal Obamacare requires me to purchase health insurance even though I don't want it and don't need it. Where did Obama get the idiotic idea he has the right to tell me how I should spend my money?

Oh right, he got that idea from his opponent who as a governor signed legislation that required Massachusetts citizens to buy health insurance. What are the odds? Anyway, Romney has said he would never make this mistake as president so I have tried to forgive him.

Getting back to why I want to get rid of Obama:

Obama would never have these wonderful ideas Romney has:

Lower tax rates for everyone while not allowing excessive deductions for rich pigs.

Romney wants to completely eliminate taxes for dividends and capital gains for taxpayers who make less than $200,000 a year. This means I wouldn't have to share my retirement income with the government. Instead of stealing my savings Romney wants to let me keep it so I can grow my nest egg faster, and then have a more comfortable and worry-free retirement.

What's not to like about Romney? He will respect my human rights including my right to spend my money any way I want to spend it. Romney will increase my take home pay and he will make it easier for me to save for the future.

I suppose if I was very interested in protecting the right of women to murder their unborn babies I would vote for Obama. They should have that right, but I'm just not interested in that subject.

I suppose if I lived off of taxpayer handouts and if I was too lazy to get a job I would vote for Obama, but I would rather carry my own weight instead of being a leech who depends on hard working people to get free food.

I suppose if I was a liberal idiot I would be voting for Obama but I think the word "liberal" is an insult.

Anyway, hopefully the article I linked to at the beginning of this post is more than wishful thinking, and Romney despite all the odds wins Ohio. Because whoever wins Ohio will be our next president.


Update 10/28/2012:

Obama, Romney tied in Ohio


Update 10/29/2012

Election 2012: Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%


This is what I wrote at an Ohio news website:
Middle class taxpayers in Ohio should know Romney will lower your tax rate so you can have more take home pay. Middle class taxpayers who invest in dividend paying stocks to have an income for retirement should know that Romney will completely eliminate the tax on dividends and capital gains for taxpayers earning less than $200,000 a year. Romney will help you make more money and he will help you save for the future. The future of the entire country depends on Ohio voters. Please help throw our liberal president out of the White House.

In a previous comment somebody suggested this poll was not accurate because it didn't call people who use cell phones. But from another news website about the same Ohio poll: "The Ohio newspaper poll used landlines and cellphones to reach 1,015 likely voters across the state from Oct. 18 through 23."

I know Ohio doesn't have the unemployment problem the rest of the country has, but still there are 23 million desperate Americans who can't find jobs, and a record high 47 million Americans depend on food stamps to survive. America can do better but only if Ohio helps the rest of the country throw Obama out of the White House.

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