Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catholics must be vigorous in spreading their faith – the one true faith – to others around the globe.

I have lots of contempt for every religious cult ever invented but for good reasons I have extreme contempt for the Catholic (Christ died for your sins) Death Cult.

Nine years totally wasted at a Catholic school from kindergarten thru 8th grade. Nine years spent learning absolutely nothing about science. Nine years spent making up imaginary crimes so I would have something to confess to our idiot priests. Catholics have something called "going to confession" where you kneel in something the size of a phone booth (young people have never seen a phone booth, use google images to look it up). The phone booth has two units, one for the brainwashed victim (me) and the other side for the professional brainwasher also known as the Catholic priest.

It could have been worse. At least our priests were the small minority of Catholic priests who did not sexually abuse children so I didn't have to endure that kind of child abuse. But there was no shortage of brainwashing, especially from the ugly Catholic nuns who wore black clothing that completely covered their ugly bodies but not their ugly faces.

The brainwashing was relentless. Every single fucking day, several times a day, the idiot nuns kept repeating the same exact words, for example "Christ died for your sins" and "The Catholic religion is the one true religion".

If only I could take a time machine back to the 1950's I would tell my ugly nun teacher "You fucking idiot, your Magic Jeebus Man was a stupid piece of shit, almost as retarded as you are."

Then I would have been expelled and I would have been able to go to a real school where students actually learn things.

I recently visited a Catholic website and I almost couldn't believe it -- 50 years later here was the exact same bullshit about "the one true religion". If I could take a time machine into the future one hundred years from now, I'm certain there would still be Catholic assholes talking about their "one true religion".

If I could take a time machine into the future two hundred years from now, hopefully by then somebody would have nuked the Vatican.

The quote in the title of this post came from Atheism is on the rise. Catholics must do a better job at evangelizing.

In the comments one fucking idiot wrote "God is Love, God is beauty, He is the light."

Notice the Catholic wrote "He is the light." Apparently he thinks his magic fairy has male sex organs.

His fairy is love, his fairy is beauty. How fucking stupid is it possible to be? For Catholics there's no limit. The stupid can get as low or lower than anyone could imagine.

I wrote a few comments there. Frequent visitors to this blog can probably guess what I wrote.



Catholic doctors in Ireland murder a patient.

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