Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wimpy atheists are worse than the religious scum they suck up to.

I totally agree with this comment a real atheist wrote to respond to the atheist wimp at A young atheist's lament:

In a war of ideas, surrender is the worst possible option in all worlds.

Giving these religious madmen free reign over our lives without fighting back is such a bad idea I can't even express my opposition for it properly, being intellectually taken aback and stunned by the very proposition.

It is our ethical obligation to fight this war, and our greatest weapon is ridicule. Dogma doesn't respond to logic, else it would not exist... making people question it requires something stronger.

And when it comes to legal discrimination in favor of religion, and public funds being used for religion, we need to make an endless and tireless stand against it. To do otherwise is madness.

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