Thursday, October 4, 2012

The word "liberal" is an insult. In America it means "too fucking stupid to understand how free enterprise works".

All the liberal crybabies at this liberal loon blog don't like Romney because he's a sleazy liar.

"That sleazy, lying Romney managed to completely steal the night and I can’t understand how."

Perhaps, Mr. Liberal Idiot, you should have actually listened to Romney and tried to understand what he said. He was explaining how capitalism works, and why raising taxes on job creators kills jobs.

The liberal problem is after four years, including two years with a liberal Senate and House, the "It's not my fault" excuse doesn't work anymore.

Obama can't hide the fact the unemployment rate has been stuck above 8% for more than three years. Obama can't hide the fact we are trillions of dollars in debt, with trillions more debt expected if Obama is reelected.

Obama did poorly in the debate not because he's a lousy debater. He did poorly because his opponent offered solutions, while Obama could only offer his Tax and Spend liberal stupidity.

The debate between the candidates for Vice-President is expected to be a disaster for the Democrats, and we can expect the same result in the next two debates between Obama and Romney.

Romney is still behind in the polls but he has momentum. He has the initiative because he knows what small businesses need to succeed. Romney has a lifetime of business experience while Obama has zero business experience. So who is best qualified to fix our broken economy?

Liberals are a minority in this country but they make more noise than anyone. Liberals always have been crybabies and they always will be crybabies. A few decades ago I watched an anti-war movie in liberal infested Madison, Wisconsin and the place was full of screaming liberal assholes. They were crying like babies the entire movie, always making as much noise as possible.

American liberals, including the wimpy atheist liberals who disgrace atheism, are equal to our Christian scum who attack science education to defend their dead Jeebus, equally insane and equally stupid.

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