Monday, October 22, 2012

cauldron: a large deep pot (used especially by witches) for boiling things in.

There is reality. Everything else is bullshit.

Why is the title of this post a definition of a cauldron?

The word "cauldron" was used to ridicule a Catholic idiot at the CNN news website in the comments.

The Catholic pope invoked more magic for his magical Catholic death cult. This important news was reported all over the place including at CNN. The stupid, it burns.

Of course CNN pretended this story wasn't a bunch of stinking bullshit, but that's what comments are for.

Here's the comments from Mother Marianne becomes an American saint. We are still waiting for Mr. Billingsworth's reply, but I doubt the fucking idiot wants any more abuse.

Later I found out Billingsworth is just a kid, a 20 year old who pretends to be the smartest retard in the universe. Notice the Ego Sum Melior Quam Vos. Totally full of shit. What a fucking asshole.

James Billingsworth, Ego Sum Melior Quam Vos
 Someone gets recognized for being compassionate and the ignorant trolls are out to diminish their name. This is why the world is such a crappy place to live sometimes.
I don't think anyone is making light of her generosity. But there's plenty of fun to make out of people that believe she had magic powers.
James Billingsworth, Ego Sum Melior Quam Vos
Your comment illustrates your ignorance. Please educate yourself.
educate myself on what? magical powers? Do I need a cauldron for that?

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