Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Bible Belt of Idiot America is having a contest. The most backward hick-infested god-soaked state wins.

I already wrote about Idiot Kentucky and their cowardly fear of science in a previous post. Also in the contest for most stupid state is Idiot Texas where they must think they're still a separate country because they want to ignore the United States constitution.

A long time ago Texas and the rest of Idiot America were separate countries. Then there was a war against Mexico. Mexico lost the war and a massive amount of land to America's assholes. Then later Texas became a USA state. I think we should give Texas back to Mexico because Texans never stop disgracing our country.

America has something called the Establishment Clause which I wrote about at Theocratic Christian assholes, respect our constitution or get out of my country.

The idea behind the Establishment Clause is all governments must be completely separate from religious stupidity. For example America's Christian scum are not allowed to stick their Magic Jeebus Man in public schools. But they do it anyway every chance they get. Why are Christian retards unable to respect our constitution? It's because Christians are fucking assholes. They belong in prison for treason.

One of the more recent attempts to throw out the United States Constitution to accommodate the Christian Death Cult was at a small town in Texas where high school cheerleaders at football games like to put bullshit from the idiotic Bible on banners for the town's football fans.

Really. I'm not making this up. Texans really are that retarded.

Of course they are now having to defend their disrespect for our Bill of Rights in court, and as usual they are wasting taxpayer money to do this. Like I wrote before, Christians are fucking assholes.

Also, the Texan judge for this court case is a theocratic asshole which is not a surprise. Virtually the entire population of Texas are assholes and of course they are all Christian scum.

A judge temporarily lifts a ban on use of Scripture to cheer on a high school football team in Kountze, Texas, but the battle is far from over.

The students in this video are extraordinarily retarded. You should see the fat stupid looking face of one of these theocratic Christian assholes. The entire hick-infested town is brain-dead fucking insane. The stupid burns out of control in Idiot Texas at We are fighting for god.

In every state of Idiot America there is a small population of people who are not idiots. In Texas that population is extremely small. You know who you are. You probably don't live in Kountze, Texas.

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