Monday, December 6, 2010

I left the following comment on a Jeebus blog:

When you write "atheist scientist" you are talking about virtually every scientist in the world. There are of course some religious scientists, but they are rare. Many biologists don't know any theist scientists. The National Academy of Sciences is 93% atheist. Most of the other 7% most certainly don't believe any Catholic or Christian nonsense.

Religious people deny they believe in a god of the gaps, but to justify their magic fairy they're always trying to stick it into some gap, and always science chases that fairy away. There's no more hiding places for Jeebus. God fairies are no longer necessary in the 21st century. Gods that never had any magic tricks to perform are gods that don't exist.

Even without the tremendous scientific progress of the last 150 years, even without future scientific progress which will never end, the idea that there's some magical god fairy hiding somewhere in the universe waving its magic wand is just plain stupid and childish.

You didn't write this stuff but I assume you agree with it.

"I do not fear the theory [of Darwin] […] It does not seem to me to follow that creation is denied because the Creator, millions of years ago, gave laws to matter. He first created matter and then he created laws for it –laws which should construct it into its present wonderful beauty, and accurate adjustment and harmony of parts gradually."

That's nonsense. Natural processes don't need magical inventors or magical creators. This is an example of a Christian desperately trying to justify his childish belief in a god fairy. He provides no evidence. It's nothing but wild guessing and wishful thinking.

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