Friday, July 21, 2017

What someone else wrote at Reddit Debate A Christian and what I wrote.

Religion seems archaic and unnecessary, enlighten me as to why you follow it?

First off, I am not trying to say you beliefs are unworthy or not important, but religion seems pretty archaic. This applies to every religion, not just Christianity. With humanity advancing every decade, why do you still cling on to ancient human practices? It seems there is a steady increase in how we can explain natural phenomenons using evidence based theories and facts. In my opinion, humanity could be centuries more advanced if religion did not hinder progress. People used to think god caused illness, later is was proved to be caused by bacteria and viruses (germ theory). People used to think god caused earth quakes and tsunamis, this was later proved false with the theory of tectonic plates. People thought god made night and day/cosmic events, this was later explained using cosmology and People still believe god created people, but this is proved (although you may refute it) false with the theory of evolution. Why do you choose to following something with 0 real evidence vs something with actual proof? If 95 percent of engineers said your house is unstable, would you still live there? If 95 percent of doctors said you have cancer, would you believe them? If 95 percent of scientists say evolution is a fact, why would people still chose to still to not believe it?

Of course religion has done many good deeds for humanity, but overall, I think we would be much better off if we abandoned blind faith that was passed down from ancient people for modern logic and reason.

Again, not to put anyone down, I just do not see the value in believing in something that is borderline delusional (if someone came to you and said an all powerful entity was telling them things in their head- like every prophet- most people would think they are mentally ill) Enlighten me to your reasons for believing in something with no proof other than "just because".



"enlighten me as to why you follow it?"

I'm betting the magical 2nd life has something to do with it.

I'm satisfied with one life. I don't wish for anything more. For some reason religious people have to have a 2nd life. I don't understand why. And of course it's impossible.

"If 95 percent of scientists say evolution is a fact"

It would be more accurate to say 100% of competent biologists would call evolution a very strong fact supported by thousands of powerful evidence. They all agree we have a close evolutionary relationship with chimpanzee apes. Virtually every real biologist, including the rare competent religious biologists, agree God had nothing to do with it. Evolution by natural selection is a natural process. Supernatural magic is not required.

Christians should realize if the development of new species never required God then there is no reason to pretend God was required for anything else. My point is evolution has killed the idea there is a magical being in this universe.

What you wrote is excellent. Well done.

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