Saturday, July 8, 2017

What I wrote and what other people wrote at Christian bullshit website.

UPDATE: All this stuff, everything below, was deleted. Christian assholes have to use censorship to defend their idiotic death cult.

What I wrote: 

"Evangelization is especially urgent as the ‘nones’ – the number of the population who do not identify with a religion, continues to grow, he said."

People who throw throw out religion have accepted reality. It's virtually impossible to get them to throw out reality.

I am by the way an atheist (100% certain magical beings are not real). I threw out the Catholic Church. Good riddance.

The numerous other religious cults are equally ridiculous. Supernatural is not real.
“There’s nothing more beautiful than the dying and rising of Jesus Christ.”

If Mr. Christ was dead for 3 days the smell must have been horrible. Of course the entire story was made up. I don't know why people believe this disgusting nonsense. It's totally impossible. Dead preachers stay dead. This is a basic fact of reality.

By the way science is called "science". Nobody calls it scientism unless they're science deniers.

Also, scientific progress and science education is killing religious cults. And that's a good thing.


Silly Bishop Barron. Does he not realize that most of us "Nones" in the US came from a religious background? We've experienced what he finds so wonderful, and find it odious.

" the beauty of Catholicism, and that has an evangelical power,...” like this:

etc, etc...

"...The goodness of radical Christians" is on display here:


" them Mother Teresa’s sisters at work."


Sorry, Bishop. Your Roman Catholic Church is proving itself completely irrelevant and worthy of scorn.


“There’s nothing more beautiful than the dying and rising of Jesus Christ,” he said

I most emphatically disagree. What can possibly be "beautiful" about human sacrifice?? And the fact that this obscene charade - he didn't even stay dead like a REAL dead guy, did he?? - is used to guilt-trip us into enslaving ourselves. NO THANKS! Did Jesus Christ *ask* me if I was okay with him sacrificing himself for me? NO! So how can his own voluntary choice - which, let's face it, ended up costing him *NOTHING*, got him a big promotion, and c'mon, he could have gotten out of it at any time, right? - somehow obligate me?? Jesus Christ needs to take responsibility for his choices like a mature adult and not expect everybody else to do stuff for him.

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