Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What I wrote at Reddit - Debate A Christian. I wrote about the breathtaking stupidity of evolution deniers. At this place I must pretend to be nice or get thrown out.


"For example, there is a strong following of biblical literalists in America, these folk have strong financial support and provide direct funding for institutes such as institute of creation research and creation research. However, many denominations of Christianity would disagree with this view and likely consider such "interpretation" of the bible as false or incorrect, but this presents a hermeneutical problem: Creationists are using a specific interpretation of the bible to reach a conclusion they think is true/correct (a literal interpretation) and other denominations refer to the same texts but choose not to interpret that way. Who has it more correct or true?"


"Creation research" as if it's possible to research supernatural magic.

In America where I live there are countless millions of creationists. They want to throw out the foundation of biology, aka the strongest fact of science, aka evolution by natural selection. They disgrace my country.

They want to replace two centuries of scientific progress with the Genesis myth in the Bible. I don't understand why these people don't educate themselves. There's tons of stuff out there to study. How hard is it to look things up with Google search?

They refuse to study any evidence as explained by competent biologists. They get all their information about science (which is completely wrong and extremely dishonest) from professional liars who don't know what they're talking about.

Embryology, DNA sequencing, and several other branches of science all confirm the same thing. We share ancestors with all other life and we are most closely related to chimpanzee apes. They evolved from the same ancient apes we evolved from.

The four billion year history of life as explained by evolution is very interesting and it has the advantage of being true thanks to thousands of evidences more powerful than Charles Darwin could have imagined possible. The know-nothing creationists don't know what they're missing.

Fortunately there are Christians who accept the established truth of evolution. They unfortunately pollute evolution with supernatural magic but at least they don't deny the whole thing.

The creationists get one thing right. They say evolution threaten their beliefs. They're right about that. The religious implications of evolution can't be denied. Evolution by natural selection took away God's most important job.

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