Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Atheist wimps have my contempt.

"I've had atheists make this case to me that they are not making a claim"

Those atheists are wimps. The wimps are part of the religious stupidity problem and they have my contempt. This website, by the way, is infested with atheist wimps. It's disgusting. They need to grow up.

I make this claim: Magic is not real therefore magic god fairies are impossible. Period.

Atheism is an acceptance of reality. Theism is a denial of reality.

Take your pick.

One more thing.

This is an example of the wimps who write comments here: "I'm an atheist because I haven't yet found any good reason/argument/evidence to believe that any gods exist."

FFS how difficult is it to say "I'm 100% certain there are no gods because it's the most ridiculous and most childish fantasy ever invented."

Come on people. Grow up FFS.

Here's another wimp: "We're claiming there's no credible evidence for the existence of any gods."

Wimps should speak for themselves.

There is no evidence for the Magic Man. I get that. But it's wimpy to say that when this is more accurate: There are no god fairies for the same reason there are no Easter Bunnies. It's a bullshit fantasy for feeble-minded cowards.

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