Saturday, July 1, 2017

What I didn't write at the Wall Street Journal to avoid never ending harassment from Christian assholes.

"a flood of recent research has shown how faith strengthens resilience to stress, including illness."

In other words believing in ridiculous supernatural fantasies helps idiots have less stress.


"I have never met a happy atheist"

This is typical for Christians. Anyone who doesn't suck up to your ridiculous supernatural fantasies is not happy.

Since you can't defend your childish fantasies (including a magical 2nd life for cowards) you write lies about normal people. This how you defend your disgusting cult.

You people deserve the ridicule because you brainwash gullible children. Your victims learn how to be stupid. This is child abuse and it should never be tolerated.

Instead of complaining and lying about normal people you should listen to them instead of wasting your life being completely wrong about everything.

Every day I read the newspaper I see religious violence and religious stupidity. And you expect normal people to ignore the whole thing.

I'm going to leave this up here for a few minutes so you can see it on your email, then I will delete it because I'm not interested in having a conversation with feeble-minded idiots.


I wrote this for another idiot:

Sir, do you realize you are throwing out reality? Also, do you realize reality doesn't care what you think?
Dead decomposing preachers stay dead. Period. No exceptions.
By the way to avoid never ending harassment I usually delete comments about religious stupidity. Christians are uncivilized and they're a waste of time.
This is for another Christian asshole:

"If you are wrong, living as an atheist when God exists, you will suffer for all eternity."
Guess what. You're a terrorist. You just threatened somebody with eternal torture. You are equal to the Islamic State terrorists. The only difference is you let your loving god do the torturing (as if that was possible).
By the way magic is not real therefore your childish magic-god-fairy fantasy is impossible. This is not rocket science. Anyone with a brain can figure it out. You might have a brain but you have to use it.

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