Wednesday, July 26, 2017

At Reddit "Debate A Christian" I have to be extremely nice to morons or else they would throw me out. This is something I wrote for a Christian Creationist. He's a fucktard. Science makes him cry.

Hello ChristianConspirator. I'm sorry to bother you. I think creationists are very interesting because in America where I live there's millions of them. And in Muslim theocracies the creationists are virtually 100% of the population.

Also what is interesting is they're completely wrong about everything. Biologists know creationism is totally false. Besides being impossible the magical creation myth was thrown out in 1859 when Charles Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species. Almost two centuries later the evidence is more powerful than Mr. Darwin could have imagined possible.

But still you deny all this science. That's quite a feat.

I'm curious. Have you ever read a book about evolution that was written by a real biologist? In other words written by a scientist who isn't a science denier?

And if you did read this kind of book did you read it to understand it or did you read it to look for imaginary problems?

I'm betting you will ignore this suggestion but here it is: Read Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne, a University of Chicago biologist. Virtually every paragraph is about another evidence for evolution. The book is easy to read and very interesting. It's not tedious like most science books. If you do read it which I doubt, please read it to understand it.

Again, sorry to bother you. Have a nice day.

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