Saturday, July 29, 2017

This is a cut & paste job and also what I wrote. It's about the Magic Jeebus Man and the morons who believe this bullshit.

Did the gospels paint a prophet or a cult leader?

When i read the account of Christ and I read it as a myth that was meant to be examined as testimony I imagine that instead of reading a book Luke, John, or Matthew are at the bar just telling me a story about some guy they knew. This is what a testimony is after all: a story someone tells you. If a book is written in the format of a testimony thus you must not necessarily believe the narrator at all times. Sometimes you can assume that he is lying or exaggerating things just like a stranger telling you a story at a bar would. (Sorry for the long intro but it will help the rest of this make sense... hopefully) So following this logic and using its lens to examine the bible I make 3 assumptions as I read the accounts of Christs life. 1 - Jesus is not divine and has no special powers. (ex. I've never seen a dude walk on water why would I believe a testimony that says someone saw someone do it somewhere.) 2 - No one else has special powers everyone is a human limited by the knowledge and culture of Iron Age Middle East. 3 - Jesus is corruptible just like every other person. Now with all this in play as I go through the bible I hear a story about a Iron age Rabbi that ran an organization with lots of hall marks of a cult like abandoning families to follow a holy teacher, giving up wealth, and dedicating one entire life soul, body, and mind to the holy teacher. Further this holy teacher showed them a bunch of cheap parlor tricks. The holy teacher was so narcissistic and egocentric that anytime anything other then him comes up he tells you how unimportant it is compared to him and tells you to give up everything just to worship him and serve him. Further he is reckless and his delusions of grandeur like thinking he is himself a god as well as his corrupt nature like soaking himself in a years wages worth of perfume in one sitting in front of a bunch of people who gave everything up to obey and follow him. The picture is clear. I do not see a wise and loving guy. I see Jim Jones or Marshall Applewhite. Why do I get such a different idea then others when reading this book? What lens do you look through when interpreting the bible? My analysis lead me to make this documentary about the life of Christ where I go into detail and develop my thesis from birth to crucifixion. If you care for such a thing here is a link. (Some parts of the documentary might be offensive so if you do not like being offended I suggest not opening the link.)


Wow. Well done. What a difference between a normal person (aka atheist) like you and theists who believe any ridiculous nonsense that makes them feel good.

Will the Christians try to understand what you wrote or will they look for an excuse to continue wasting their life believing impossible magic tricks like walking on water or the magical resurrection of a decomposing corpse.

I betting they will continue to live in their magical fantasy land. Nobody cares. It's their problem. I just wish they wouldn't brainwash children and infect them with their disease.

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