Sunday, July 30, 2017

This is something I wrote about the morons who think their Magic Man listens to them talk to themselves. The stupid, it burns.

If I wanted to throw out all of reality and pretend a Magical Master of the Entire Universe was real (aka Zeus, Allah, God), I can't imagine why it would pay attention to the human apes on this insignificant planet in a universe of countless trillions of solar systems. Mr. God, if it was real, might not even notice we exist.
Of course the god fantasy is a ridiculous idea. It was useful to explain things thousands of years ago but we know things these days. We know a god fairy's magical powers were never necessary for anything. Even without all the science we have today the Mr. God thing was always a childish fantasy, equal to the Easter Bunny fantasy.
Praying is talking to yourself. In my opinion it's a mental illness.

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