Sunday, July 16, 2017

More burning stupid from Idiot America. This is typical. A religious fucktard thinks normal people, aka atheists, are required to disprove the magic god fairy's magical powers. What I wrote for fucking moron:

"However the number of atheists who will claim no god and refuse to defend that position is huge."
Atheism is an acceptance of reality. Reality does not need to be defended.
The Magic Man is your fantasy. It's not our job to disprove your invisible friend. It's your job to provide evidence for it. Of course you have nothing but your wishful thinking and it's obvious you know virtually nothing about science which has repeatedly shown your fairy's magic wand was never necessary for anything.
You theists have no idea how childish and idiotic your magic god fairy is. Hint: Your fairy is equal the Easter Bunny. That's how childish and moronic and ridiculous your fantasy is.
Theism is a denial of reality. It's for feeble-minded cowards.
In a world of never ending religious violence, religious brainwashing, and religious stupidity, it's immoral to believe in god bullshit.

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