Sunday, July 2, 2017

What I wrote at "Friendly Atheist" - What You Missed in Justice Sotomayor’s Eloquent Dissent in Trinity Lutheran

I have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal (I used to have an online subscription to the New York Times. Now for free I can read 10 NYTimes articles a month). At the Wall Street Journal there was only this one quote from Justice Sotomayor: "History shows that the Religion Clauses separate the public treasury from religious coffers as one measure to secure the kind of freedom of conscience that benefits both religion and government."
Most WSJ subscribers are Republicans. Unfortunately most Republicans are Christians. In Idiot America most Christians are theocrats. They are Establishment Clause deniers (not to mention evolution deniers). I think it's fair to say they're stupid assholes.
The WSJ article agreed with the theocrats. In the comments nobody defended what Justice Sotomayor wrote. Instead they attacked and insulted her.
I used to write comments at the WSJ but the harassment and the stupidity wore me out. Their brain damage can't be fixed. They're a waste of time.

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