Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What I wrote at Reddit about creationist retards.

"What are your best arguments against evolution?"
I usually see something like this: "Complexity therefore the Magic Man did it."
I have this idea about evolution deniers (aka creationists because they think every species was magically created out of nothing).
My idea is this: Creationists are just plain stupid, not to mention lazy. Their other problem is all the curiosity they were born with was sucked out of them thanks to the child abuse called religious indoctrination. When they grow up to be adult idiots they repeat the same child abuse that makes children stupid.
An interesting thing about the extremely stupid creationists: They "know" they're right about everything. They know evolution doesn't work. They know all species were magically created out of nothing.
The laziness: Never once in their pathetic worthless lives have they ever studied anything written by real scientists. They get 100% of their dishonest stupidity from professional idiots, aka liars for the Magic Jeebus Man.
The science deniers have the Islamic State terrorists on their side.
What I wrote might not be politically correct. We are suppose to be nice to idiots. However everything I wrote is obviously true. These people might have a brain but they never learned how to use it.

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