Monday, July 17, 2017

At Reddit I asked Christians a question about evolution. I expect my answer will be ignored. We will see what happens.

Some Christians deny the established truth of evolution. Other Christians accept our evolutionary relationship with the other ape species but they always invoke God to invent or use or guide evolution even though natural processes do not require a god for anything.

My question is are there any Christians who accept the overwhelming evidence for evolution without sticking God into it?

Virtually all biologists agree God had nothing to do with the evolution of new species. They agree evolution did not require an inventor and evolution does not require a user, and of course God is not a mechanism of evolution. Natural selection guides evolution, not some god.

Are there any Christians who agree with the biologists?

Many thanks.

A Christian replied:

To say virtually all biologists say God had nothing to do with it is a bit outlandish and I would need a source. I know several biologists personally who do believe that, and I've even read several papers by atheist biologists on the subject of evolution, where they conclude that evolution to have begun is seemingly impossible, but it must have happened because we're here.
The fucktard knows some extremely stupid biologists.

I wrote this reply. I am required to be nice at this place. I can't tell a Christian moron he's a moron.
Thanks for your answer. Usually I'm ignored.

You answered my question. You do not agree with my idea (and virtually all biologists. Notice the word "virtually") that evolution is a completely natural process. Therefore God is required for something, for example how it began. You are invoking your god of the gaps. Fine with me.

Competent scientists don't do that by the way. Their job is to find out what really happened. They know it's wrong to give up and invoke supernatural magic.

Some day a Christian might admit evolution does not require Mr. God's magical powers but I doubt it. The religious implications of evolution are too great and so God must be sticked in there somewhere.

Thanks again for your answer.

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