Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Once in my life I convinced a creationist to throw out the moronic magical creationism fantasy using evidence from ERVs.

I was able to convince a creationist to throw out creationism thanks to this evidence. He gave me some bullshit from the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute (aka Crackpot Central). According to those idiots the ERVs are functional. I explained it doesn't matter if they're functional or not. The point of the evidence is the ERVs are found at the exact same locations in the genome of chimpanzee apes and human apes.

He understood and said this was a problem for creationism and he asked for a book recommendation. I suggested Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne and he said he would read it but he was not throwing out his magic god fairy. I said it doesn't matter. At least you're trying to understand evolution and that's wonderful. I congratulated him.

Every other attempt to explain science to these brain-dead science deniers failed. They don't understand because they don't want to understand.

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