Monday, January 6, 2014

This planet is infested with way too many human apes and it's getting worse at the rate of one more ape every half second.

I found a U.S. and World Population Clock at It shows that after subtracting the human apes who drop dead there is still one more ape being added every half second.

It's very nice to have a family. That's a good thing. But unfortunately we are crowding out the other species. The problem is a large percentage of the world's human ape population are fucking assholes who go out of their way to destroy habitat and/or murder creatures who are threatened with extinction.

Some interesting facts:

1. China1,355,692,576  6. Pakistan196,174,380
2. India1,236,344,631  7. Nigeria177,155,754
3. United States318,892,103  8. Bangladesh166,280,712
4. Indonesia253,609,643  9. Russia142,470,272
5. Brazil202,656,788  10. Japan127,103,388

China is a big problem. It's not a democracy so the government can do what it wants or not do what it should do. And so what we have in China is the worst pollution in the world. This is the country that wiped out a species of dolphins that lived in a river in China. Fortunately they are trying to save the Pandas. They execute anyone who harms a panda, and I think that's a good thing. I would like to be the executioner.

The population of the world (as of right now as I write this) is 7,138,693,140. Maybe that's enough but if I did the math correctly the world gets 172,800 more hairless apes every 24 hours.

60 seconds a minute times 60 minutes an hour times 24 hours in a day equals 86,400 seconds every 24 hours. Since about every second the world adds two more apes, I multiply 86,400 seconds times 2 to get 172,800 more apes every day.

In America our population is increasing because we have more births than deaths, and for some strange reason other people want to live here so our population increases by one person every 17 seconds.

Fortunately most of the world's apes live in cities where they are less likely to harm other creatures, but still they need to be fed and that means habitats are being destroyed to make room for more crops.

Priceless species are getting wiped out. A possible solution: Kill all the assholes.

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