Thursday, January 23, 2014

The reason why I have so much contempt for agnostic idiots.

Agnostics have a lot of problems. They're full of crap. They're stupid assholes. And most important they are wrong.

Is supernatural magic real or not? Agnostics are so fucking stupid they can't figure it out.

The problem is the people who blow themselves up (Muslim scum) and the Bible thumpers who are constantly trying to dumb down science education (Christian assholes), they all love you agnostic retards. It's because you make them feel good about their ridiculous god fantasy.

Look at what's going on in Syria right now. The never ending out of control atrocities. That's a religious problem. Look at what's going in Texas right now where it's virtually impossible for students to learn anything about science. That's a religious problem.

All religions need to be completely eradicated. You agnostic morons are just getting in the way. You agnostic fucktards just make things worse with your childish "We can't know there's no magical god fairies and magical Easter Bunnies."

What we have here, agnostic scum, is a failure to grow up.

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