Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One more time: The reasons why the god fairy fantasy is bullshit, as I explained to a Christian idiot.

Science has made gods unnecessary, and the whole god idea is childish and ridiculous.

"Christians have Jesus and miracles as evidence that God is real."

Christians have their wishful thinking and nothing else. Atheists have all of reality.

I don't think you people have any idea how moronic your god fantasy is. A magical being hiding somewhere in the universe magically creating stuff? The Easter Bunny is more plausible.

There are wimpy atheists who say they have a lack of belief in gods. The wimps are not real atheists. I'm 100% certain magical god beings and magical rabbits are not real.

A belief in a god is a serious mental illness. An inability to be 100% certain god fairies are not real is also a mental illness. These two diseases are called theism and agnosticism. People who have these mental health problems need psychiatric help. Or they could just grow up.

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