Saturday, January 11, 2014

Idiot America's Bible thumpers and their inability to understand the word "evidence"

It's strange to live in a country infested with millions of god-soaked idiots. These people believe in the most ridiculous fantasies imaginable. Even worse, when scientific facts conflict with their bullshit beliefs they throw out the science. I know they're completely wrong about everything and everyone else who isn't insane knows they're completely wrong about everything.

America's fucktards think scientists are extremely dishonest and shouldn't be trusted. Again they're completely wrong. Even though scientists are very honest (because they have moral values and because their careers and reputations would be ruined if they lied about anything) it is not necessary to trust anyone, because what scientist have for their ideas is something called "evidence".

If the evidence is very strong then it's likely the idea is correct. If the evidence is weak then more research and testing is required before the idea can be accepted. So it's not necessary to trust scientists. Nothing could be more simple but America's fucktards don't understand.

The Bible thumper's fantasies of course have zero evidence and that's why their bullshit requires faith. Faith is the process of believing in ridiculous impossible magical events that couldn't possibly be true. And they think faith is a virtue as if being a drooling moron is a good thing. "You must have faith" is a big part of religious indoctrination, also known as child abuse.

One of the most disgusting fantasies of the Christian Death Cult is their most important belief, the magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man into a zombie. Of course this never happened. The fantasy which all Christians must believe is bullshit. Dead people stay dead. This is a basic fact of reality. In any case imagine the smell.

Of course for every Christian problem there is a magical solution. While Jeebus was dead for three days the corpse did not decompose at all. Apparently the magical master of the entire universe waved its magic wand to keep the internal organs of Jeebus in perfect condition. Then more magic and Jeebus is alive again. Christian assholes refuse to call all this magic stuff "magic". They prefer the word "miracle" even though calling magic by another name doesn't make it less childish.

The magical resurrection of Jeebus requires faith (also known as the process of not thinking) but Christians like to pretend their most important fantasy has evidence so they invoke 500 dead witnesses who were either invented or insane. Christians, imaginary witnesses (even if they are real) are not evidence for anything. Fantastic ideas require fantastic evidence and you have nothing.

America's Idiots-For-Jeebus are causing great harm to this country. For example they frequently harass and threaten biology teachers who teach evolution. If the teacher dumbs down science education to accommodate Christian assholes the students are cheated. They learn how to hate science instead of learning how to love science.

An interesting story about a biology teacher who successfully defeated the assholes who threatened her is at These cowardly Christian assholes harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher.

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