Monday, January 20, 2014

In Idiot America there is an unlimited supply of Christian stupid. We have tons of it.

At another website I answered the question "What is the fundamental problem with the doctrine of eternal torment?"

The life after death fantasy (heaven/hell) has the disadvantage of being bullshit.

Also, the eternal torture stuff is not very nice. The people who believe in it are equal to terrorists.

A terrorist wrote "The fundamental problem is people don't like it. For the godless, they become angry at the thought they are sinners and that they will have to account to God for their words and deeds on the day of judgment."

How exactly is it possible to dislike something that isn't real? How is it possible to be angry about bullsh!t? And why do you think a normal person would give a crap about your imaginary god monster?

You Christian terrorists are way beyond insane not to mention extremely stupid.


Another person wrote this answer about the hell fantasy:

1. It's bullshit.
2. It damages children psychologically.
3. It scares people into believing more bullshit.
4. It teaches people to act and believe out of fear, not out of rationality.

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