Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Catholic Fucktard wrote "The portrayal of the Roman Catholic Church as being anti-science is deplorably false." then the fucking idiot wrote "If a Catholic, acting in good faith and intellectual honesty, truly believed that the stars and planets did develop over time, this still ultimately must be attributed to God and his plan."

This bullshit is typical for all religious cults that pretend they're moderate, as if there's something moderate about invoking a magical being to make natural processes possible.

Catholic assholes and all other religious scum who think they are pro-science, there's nothing scientific about your god fairy or any of your other ridiculous fantasies. The choice is reality or your bullshit. You can't have both.

If you're interested in reading what fucking retards write to justify their death cult, you can see the rest of the Catholic Fucktard's bullshit at Catholicism and Evolution which also has links to websites about Muslim scum and their fear of science.

I frequently read bullshit from Catholics who say the pope loves evolution but I noticed Catholics deny the established truth of evolution just as much as the Christian fundamentalists deny it. In any case "this still ultimately must be attributed to God and his plan" is not accepting evolution. It's polluting evolution with bullshit.

This blog, by the way, is extremely anti-religion. The owner of this blog has extreme contempt for the fucking idiots who believe in supernatural bullshit and even more contempt for the wimpy atheists and agnostic scum who suck up to religious stupidity. Since 9/11/2001 the time for being nice is over with. Religion is destroying this planet and it must be completely eradicated.


One more thing.

The Catholic Fucktard wrote "To Catholics, the universe is not the result of purely random events that have no direction and operate without the hand of God. A universe without God is purely materialistic and secular, this is a position the church rejects. It does not oppose evolution, but it opposes the argument that evolution disproves the existence of God, or makes Him irrelevant."

I'm betting the asshole who wrote this bullshit is an evolution denier. He apparently thinks natural selection is purely random.

He fears evolution. It's obvious. He knows his Catholic Death Cult is bullshit and he knows it's going extinct. And he knows the facts of evolution are killing it.

The hand of god? The magical hand of god? How fucking stupid can you Catholic scum get? Is your Magic Jeebus Man constantly waving his magic wand to make the universe work?

Your "God" with the male sex organs (they call their fairy "Him" with a capital H) has been repeatedly shown to have never done anything. This is the 21st century. We know things these days. Your fairy is obsolete and it's always been ridiculous. If you want to live in this century you're going to have to throw out your Dark Ages fantasies. If you're too cowardly to grow up then go fuck yourself. We don't need you fucking morons.

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