Saturday, January 18, 2014

How long will it be before Idiot America throws out the bullshit of Genesis?

Gallup polls show that only 15% of Americans accept the established truth of evolution and accept it as a completely natural process (a god fairy had nothing to do with it).

This idea, evolution by natural selection without magic, has the advantage of being the strongest fact of science. But still here in Idiot America 85% of Americans either deny the whole thing or even worse think their fairy's magic wand is one of the mechanisms of evolution.

The thousands of evidences for evolution from comparative genomics, undeniable evidence that grows every day, have totally killed the magical creation fantasy. Since truth has a long history of defeating bullshit, America's science deniers will become virtually extinct eventually. The question is how long will it take? A hundred years? A thousand years?

I suggest it would help if this idea that we must suck up to everyone else's fantasies, that we should respect religious insanity, no matter how wrong it is, was thrown out. It's time to declare total war against stupidity. We need to stop being nice. We need to tell Christian assholes to fuck off and shut the fuck up about science education. We need to ridicule religion, all religion, including religion that pretends to be moderate. There is no moderate religion because there is nothing moderate about being a fucking idiot.

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