Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey Muslim scum, if you want to blow yourself up for Allah you better get in line now because that line already has a few thousand lunatics in it.

Today's news is the same as the news every other day. Several suicide bombers blew themselves up to destroy property and murder people. Several. Not one. Several idiots blew themselves up. How many? They haven't figured that out yet.

And guess what fucked up religion these lunatics belong to.

Were they Christians? Were they Catholics? Were they Mormons? Were they Jews?

They most certainly were not atheists.

Muslim morons, why do you fucktards blow yourselves up? What's the point? Isn't a big part of being successful being able to make it thru an entire day without wearing a suicide vest? Normal people can do it. Even religious idiots can do it if they're not Muslims.

I suggest you Muslim retards have a serious mental health problem. It's just not normal to blow yourselves up like you do every single day. The idea is to stay alive.

You fucking assholes for Mohammed need to understand you don't have a magical soul that magically flies to a magical paradise after you blow yourself up into thousands of pieces. Also, it's not very nice to murder women and children. Also, it's not nice to murder guys. This whole suicide bombing thing is very bad for your reputation because some people are so angry they want to wipe you scum off the face of the Earth.

So please Muslim Fucktards, try to grow up and stop being uncivilized fucking idiots.

Today's news: The attack involved a car bomb, explosive vests and gunfire against the base and extensively damaged drones and helicopters that were on the airstrip. Local media outlet TOLO news reported that one of the bombers was believed to be female, citing Afghan authorities.

Idiot America is going to get the fuck out of that fucked up worthless country later this year. It's about fucking time. We wasted countless lives and a trillion dollars and we accomplished nothing. The Taliban are going to win because the Afghans are too fucking cowardly to defend their country.

There will be burkas and no human rights. Afghans deserve what they're going to get because they thought they could depend on Americans to defend their dirt-bag country forever. Fuck off Afghanistan. Solve your own fucking problems.

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