Sunday, January 26, 2014

Idiot America has many problems including a Christian fucktard problem and even worse we have a wimpy atheist problem.

Idiot America has a serious never-ending Christian War Against Science Education problem.

Our Christian fucktards are constantly trying to get laws passed to dumb down the teaching of evolution, and always they lose in court. But that's only a small part of the problem.

Our Christian assholes are constantly harassing and threatening biology teachers, a problem which was thoroughly explained by the New York Times which I copy and pasted to These cowardly Christian assholes harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher.

The brainwashed Christian students have been known to actually cry when the subject is evolution. I'm not making this up. When the crybabies are not crying they are harassing the biology teacher. It's pathetic.

There's another problem and this one is very strange. Christian assholes brainwash their children to believe evolution is evil. I'm not making this up. So when their children take their first biology class (which should be in First Grade Age Six but in Idiot America it's usually in high school age 15) the parents fear the brainwashing will be all for nothing. So they instruct their children to tell their biology teachers they will not show up for class when the subject is evolution. The correct response is "Tell your parents you would have to skip the entire two semesters because I'm going to be teaching evolution every single day. And if you do that you will fail and you will not be allowed to graduate from high school." and if the teacher is competent (only 28% of American biology teachers are qualified to teach evolution which is another disgraceful problem) that's pretty much exactly what they would say.

All the bullshit I just wrote about is terrible but even worse is America's atheist wimps. At another website a Christian fucktard (all Christians are fucking idiots) asked "Atheists, if Christian parents don't want their children in the classroom when evolution is being taught would you be okay with that, or would you want their children to be kept in the classroom by force, against the parents' will?"

The atheist wimps showed off their wimpiness with this wimpy bullshit:

"That is their choice. If parents choose to deprive their children of an education, that is not my business."

"Their kids' loss. Not mine."

"No I wouldn't force them to, it's unethical to me."

And winning first prize for most wimpy atheist fucktard who is too fucking stupid to understand evolution is part of every lesson:

"In all honesty, it's the parents choice to have them learn the material or not. If it offends them it's their right to, if they wish, take them out for that section of the class. As an atheist, I see no harm in parents barring subjects from their children. As the others have said above, it is an important part of the science curriculum; however, the kids shouldn't be forced to learn about evolution."

The fucking moronic wimp who wrote that is no better than the bible thumpers and terrorists.

Fortunately there were some normal people (real atheists) who wrote:

"Force them. It's not their fault their parents are idiots."

"Waaah I'm not going to take math, for religious reasons! Give me a break, you lying babies. If students refuse to learn biology, they should and WILL get a big fat F for failure. Put that on your permanent record."

One nice thing about all these Christian crybabies, this shows that evolution really is killing the Christian Death Cult. The Christian assholes know this and that explains their desperate war against science education, a war they most certainly will lose eventually.

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