Saturday, January 18, 2014

Should a normal person have a debate with a fucking idiot about reality?

As many people already know, on February 4, 2014 Bill Nye (science educator) and Ken Fucktard Ham (insane child abusing asshole) will be debating each other about the established truth of evolution and the ridiculous idiocy of magical creation out of nothing.

Should Bill Nye also debate a flat-earther?

There are many reasons this is wrong which were thoroughly discussed at Jerry Coyne's blog. I agree with those reasons but I am sort of looking forward to watching the YouTube video.

It will be painful to listen to Ken Fucktard Ham because his stupid burns. He really is a fucking asshole and he really does abuse children every chance he gets. For example Ken Ham has convinced thousands of his victims (who he calls "boys and girls") Tyrannosaurus rex lived peaceably with human apes five thousand years ago. I am not making this up. If anyone belongs in prison for child abuse it should be this fucking retard for Jeebus.

But it will be interesting to listen to Mr. Nye talk about why the future of this country depends on students being scientifically literate instead of being drooling morons who believe in anti-science bullshit.

Bill Nye will not be actually "debating" anyone because there is no debate. Evolution is fact. Everyone who isn't an American idiot knows this. What Mr. Nye will be doing is trying to educate people. The big question is "Can stupid be fixed?" Probably not but it would be interesting to watch Bill Nye attempt it.

Only in Idiot America would this debate be possible. This truly is an idiot country. Americans are fucking morons.

From The Encyclopedia of American Loons: Ken Ham: Diagnosis: A clod, crackpot and (unintentional) con artist; seriously deluded and influential in the manner of Kent Hovind; Ken Ham is perhaps the leading advocate of traditional creationism and naïve biblical literalism. A threat to reason, sanity, intelligence and rationality everywhere.

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