Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Magic Jeebus Man was an uneducated moron. The Christian Death Cult is ridiculous. Christians are stupid fucking assholes who brainwash children. Christians are cowardly fucktards who are willing to believe in any bullshit that makes them feel good.

Every single Christian fantasy is ridiculous. Christians believe in Christian bullshit because they're just plain stupid.

There are no moderate Christians because there's nothing moderate about being a fucking idiot.

"Jeebus died for your sins." What the fuck is that suppose to mean? What fucking sins? Sin is a bullshit word for fucking idiots. Christian assholes must think everyone is born evil therefore a magical preacher man (Jeebus) had to get himself executed so a magical being in the sky would be able to magically send these evil people to a magical paradise as long as they sucked up to Jeebus. As if any of this bullshit makes sense.

Christian assholes should be locked up to prevent them from spreading their disease.

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