Friday, January 17, 2014

"I hope that Dawkins gets right with the God who created him (and everyone and everything else) before it is too late. Darwin knew one second after he died that his unproven, and impossible to prove, "theory" was wrong. The evidence for the Biblical account of creation is overwhelming. Dawkins and all those who reject God in favor of the silly theory of evolution remind me of the Scripture that states, "professing to be wise they become fools." Don't make a monkey out of yourself, get right with God by biblically believing in Jesus Christ. It is the only way to eternal life in heaven. You don't want to spend eternity in hell. You might not believe in heaven and hell now, but you will when you die. But then it will be too late. Now is the time of salvation."

Most certainly this asshole for Jeebus is an American.

It's a book review of "The Greatest Show on Earth" and of course the fucking asshole never read it.

His book review includes dishonesty about Darwin and of course there's an eternal torture threat. The fucktard has an obvious fear of reality and he is terrified of educating himself.

And the stupid, the burning out of control stupid. Unfortunately this Christian asshole is a typical American.

"The evidence of the Biblical account of creation is overwhelming."

That's interesting. Did scientists test his fairy's magic wand or what? These fucktards talk about evidence for their childish magical fantasies but never once have they described their evidence.

And the Darwin thing. Even some Christians know this is bullshit. Oh wait. This asshole has Darwin throwing out his lifetime of research after he dropped dead instead of just before he dropped dead.

The eternal life in heaven thing. That's what this is all about. These fucking cowards couldn't exist without their magical 2nd life fantasy.

To all Christians, get off my planet you fucking morons.

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