Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To save his Air Force and missiles from being destroyed Bashar al-Assad will throw out his chemical weapons. Then he will continue to murder 5,000 Syrians a month with conventional weapons.

Mr. Kerry, America's Secretary of State, came up with an interesting idea that will probably make Assad's genocide even worse than it is now. He might have thought it was never going to happen so he suggested Assad could avoid an American attack against his Air Force by simply throwing out his poisonous gas. Of course he will be allowed to continue using napalm bombs and cluster bombs to murder thousands of women and children.

President Obama is looking for an excuse to not do the right thing which is to completely destroy Assad's war planes and missiles. It looks like he found his excuse.

Some people, for a good reason, are concerned about the Muslim terrorists who have been participating in the war against Assad. They make a good point but those terrorists are a minority and since they're already causing lots of problems there with Assad as president, I doubt it could get much worse if Assad was hunted down and killed after America destroys his war planes.

A Syrian who wrote an editorial for today's New York Times explains why despite the terrorist problem the people of Syria desperately need President Obama to keep his promise to attack Assad. Unfortunately Obama will probably do nothing.

He wrote "It is misguided to presume that Mr. Assad's downfall would mean a jihadist triumph, but unfortunately this is the basis for the West's position. A more accurate interpretation is that if Mr. Assad survives, then jihadism is sure to thrive."

I bet some visitors to this blog would like to write comments about the Syrian problem. Sorry, I used to allow comments but for many reasons I don't do that anymore. There's just too many insane people out there who would like to pollute my blog and waste my time.

From today's September 10, 2013 New York Times:

A Syrian's Cry For Help by Yassin al-Haj Saleh

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