Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The incurable stupidity of creationist assholes

The belief in magical creationism is a mental illness and it's almost always incurable.

Magical creationism is also called magical bible creationism and magical intelligent design creationism. No matter what the creationist assholes call it, it has the exact same meaning which is a magical god fairy waved a magic wand to magically create creatures out of nothing. It's a belief in magic and it requires throwing out virtually all of science, especially biology. Biology makes creationists cry.

Who believes this ridiculous bullshit? 46% of Americans and virtually 100% of Muslim scum including the terrorists.

If you're a creationist and you're reading this, there is no nice way to say this but somebody has to say it so I will say it. You're a fucking moron. Your brain damage is permanent because you're too fucking stupid and too cowardly to grow up.

There is another explanation for the development of new species. It's a natural process so it does not require magic and it has something very important that the magical creationism fantasy will never have. Evidence. Tons of evidence. Evidence so powerful and so undeniable only a fucking lunatic could deny it. This scientific idea is called evolution by natural selection and it's the strongest and most important fact of science. Biologists have accepted the established truth of evolution for more than a century.

At the beginning of this post I wrote "The belief in magical creationism is a mental illness and it's almost always incurable." The exceptions are rare but there are people who have recovered from this disease. What did they have the other creationist fucktards didn't have?

It's called curiosity. Usually children are curious about everything but religious indoctrination can completely suck all the curiosity out of them. They learn how to not wonder and not think. They learn how to be stupid and how to stay stupid. But for some lucky victims of this child abuse a tiny bit of curiosity is still there.

Their typical story goes like this: All their life they have seen evolution explained by professional bible thumping creationist assholes who don't know what they're talking about. Then one day they accidently discover a book at a bookstore or something on the internet that explains evolution and the evidence for it correctly. Something written by a real biologist instead of a professional moron. And because not all of their curiosity has been destroyed they get interested in the subject and they search for and find more information. Then they finally realize their professional brainwashers are fucking retards. They realize they have been wrong about everything their entire life and they thank goodness that problem has been fixed.

But for most creationists a cure for their mental illness is completely impossible. Their curiosity is at zero. If they do discover something about evolution that isn't bullshit and if they actually read it, they automatically reject it. They will invent some imaginary problem with the evidence and use that as an excuse to say all the world's biologists don't know anything about biology. It requires an extraordinarily large amount of stupidity to do this but that's one thing creationists have. Creationists are creationists because they are the most retarded people in the history of the human race.

Many of these creationist scum enjoy making fools out of themselves on the internet. They will write ridiculous gibberish about why some evidence for evolution is wrong and then provide a link to a bible thumping anti-science website as if a normal person would be interested in reading bullshit written by a god-soaked know-nothing asshole.

Creationist scum are a big problem in America because millions of them are trying to make this country even more stupid than it already is. They teach their children to believe their magical bullshit and they train their children to ignore their biology teachers. Some of these Christian assholes actually try to intimidate biology teachers to get them to stop teaching evolution.

The only solution is ridicule. Being nice doesn't work. Trying to reason with these subhumans would be pointless. Creationist assholes are trying to destroy America and for that they deserve extreme contempt. They must not be allowed to get away with anything. And ridiculing their magical creationism fantasy is not enough. Their entire Christian Death Cult must be ridiculed.

The problem is religion and religion must be attacked. Religion in America must be completely destroyed and we will never get there by being nice.

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