Sunday, September 15, 2013

In this post I publish some Christian bullshit to help people from normal countries better understand the insanity of Americans.

I live in Idiot America where normal people are a very small minority. Everyone else is insane and extremely stupid.

Here's an example. An American Christian wrote some amazing bullshit and most Americans completely agree with him.

It's impossible to write anything as insane and ridiculous as this Christian bullshit. The moronic asshole, like most Americans, obviously knows nothing about the science that makes him cry. This disgusting idiocy was written to answer the question "Why do religious people defend their fantasies with dishonesty and censorship?"

Here it is, one big paragraph of American stupidity:

Well, let me ask you- why do atheists defend their fantasies like evolution with dishonesty and censorship? They are dishonest when they say that evolution is a "proven Fact" when there is NO evidence to support that. There have NEVER been found even "ONE" single fossil that shows a transition from one form to another, and no one can show ANY evolutionary transformations going on at the present, no evolving, half developed NEW organs or appendages or slits in the skin for an upcoming new type of sensory organ or any other 'evidence' of evolution. They are dishonest when they 'state' the age of the earth, as it has changed numerous times, and no one was there at the beginning to validate their numbers or to 'zero' out their dating methods, it is ALL lies and speculation, such as the "Nebraska Man" whose whole body was "Scientifically" built up from ONE TOOTH. They created him a wife, came up with alist of tools they used, how their community existed and worked together . . . and several years later, that sacred tooth was found to be the tooth of an extinct pig. The list goes on and on and on for a whole host of these so called "cavemen" or missing links. And an example of Censorship- the evolution crowd has a strangle hold on the scientific journals and even a HINT of Intelligent Design can and WILL get you blackballed from universities and it is happening all over the country. We have a LOT of evidence that supports the Young Earth Theory, Creation and other Biblical teachings and events, but because of space, the urge to go to bed (it's 1:30 a.m.), and your atheistic brainwashing that would prevent you from believing anything that doesn't fit YOUR world theory, I will not continue, but greater people than you have tried their best to discredit the Bible for thousands of years, and it STILL holds true.

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