Monday, September 23, 2013

Incredibly there are still wimps who suck up to Muslim scum. Look at this. This is just two days. 6 atrocities. It never ends. Muslims need to be completely eradicated from this planet.

2013.09.22 (Peshawar, Pakistan) - Two Shahid suicide bombers obliterate over seventy worshippers at a church service, including many women and children.
2013.09.21 (Azamiyah, Iraq) - Fundamentalist gunmen kill four people at a store selling alcohol.
2013.09.21 (Nairobi, Kenya) - Nearly sixty shoppers are murdered by Islamic activists in a targeted attack on non-Muslims at a shopping mall.
2013.09.21 (Sadr City, Iraq) - Women and children are amply represented among over seventy people massacred by a Shahid suicide bomber at a funeral.
2013.09.20 (Shabwa, Yemen) - Three suicide bombings claim the lives of at least sixty-five local soldiers and guards.
2013.09.20 (Samarra, Iraq) - Terrorists detonate two bombs at a rival mosque, which snuff out the lives of eighteen worshippers.

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