Sunday, September 8, 2013

Christians who accept the established truth of evolution and their pathetic attempt to justify their moronic god fantasy.

A Christian idiot wrote:

"Biological evolution is a well understood natural process, fully supported by vast evidence from many other areas of biological science, and as such is part of God's Creation, one of the many natural processes He designed and set into motion to ensure that the universe could maintain itself and function properly."

This bullshit is typical. The Christian admits evolution is the strongest fact of science. So why is the Christian still a Christian? Apparently some people can't exist without their cowardly magical heaven fantasy. So they invoke their fairy to design natural processes, as if those processes wouldn't exist without their fairy's magic wand.

Do these god-soaked assholes think there would be no natural selection and no gravity without their Magic Jeebus Man? Do they have one shred of evidence for their designer bullshit? Do they really think the universe wouldn't function properly without their fairy magically making it work?

Christian is just another word for "fucking idiot". Fortunately their death cult is going extinct. Good riddance.

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