Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There is "Christian insane" and there is "Christian so fucked up he needs to be locked up".

Here's an example. A young male. Permanent brain damage. Unbelievable stupidity.

To be nice I thanked the idiot: "vmcm, I want to thank you. Your insanity is not something I see every day. I decided to make a new post in my blog. My post is a copy and paste of your entire answer. It's a perfect example of Christian extremism and how religion can make a person batshit crazy. Thanks again."

This is a copy and paste job. The stupid is so intense I don't even want to talk about it.

It is impossible to understand how much God loves us. So much, He would send His perfect, flawless Son Jesus Christ to be TORTURED as a SACRIFICE for our sins. Our imperfections. Do you understand we did nothing to deserve that? Absolutely nothing.

But, at the same time, God is just. He loves sinners, but hates sin. Sinfulness is the complete opposite of God's Nature. Somebody has to pay for the crimes we choose to commit daily. And Jesus willingly went in to BE that Sacrifice, because He is LOVE.

God lets us sin, because if we didn't have the choice to be sinful, we could never be made righteous through Jesus Christ. There is no righteousness without sin. There is no Light without Darkness.

Why does Hell exist? Is it too harsh? No. Every time we make a bad decision, we make the choice to do so. Jesus, who had the same temptations we do, never once did. Every time we sin, we disrespect God and His Authority over all creation. And there can be absolutely none of that in God's Kingdom, in which Jesus will reign forever, both God and man, who never once fell into the temptations we fall into all of the time. And then, He put Himself on a Cross to pay for those sins we foolishly choose to commit. And for us to deny that? To deny God's Sacrifice? To deny God's Ultimate Love and Sacrifice of The Son that didn't deserve it? Yes, we deserve every pain we could feel in Hell. Accepting Jesus is a choice.

Why can't we just KNOW Jesus is the Savior of mankind?

We can, and most do. But since people DISLIKE the idea of having to submit themselves and admit how vile they really are (myself included), they ignore God, deny God, and even lie to themselves to feel better. "I can't see Him, He's not there."

He is there, and He loves you, whether you believe it or not. But somebody has to pay. Somebody already did. It's up to you to accept it.

God bless you, with love, in Jesus Christ. Amen.

-- Born-again-Christian

About me: I represent my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ until my death...

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