Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Christian crybaby complained when somebody suggested it would be a wonderful thing if child abuser Ken Ham (a famous professional asshole for Jeebus) dropped dead.

There's a lot of stupid in Idiot America.

46% of our population are evolution deniers.

Another 32% think supernatural magic is a mechanism of evolution.

7% have no opinion about the most important fact of science, they don't deny it or accept it, they just don't care.

A disgracefully low percentage of Americans, 15%, accept the strongest fact of science as a natural process, no god fairy inventing or using or guiding it.

If people want to be retards that's fine with me. This is a free country. An incredibly moronic country, but at least we are free.

What bugs me are the professional assholes for the Magic Jeebus Man, for example the fucktard who owns the magical creation museum in hick-infested Kentucky. Ken Ham has given countless thousands of children permanent brain damage with his everything-is-magic anti-science bullshit.

Most definitely the world would be a better place if Ken Ham dropped dead, for the same reason the world became a better place when Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and my upstairs neighbor dropped dead.

A Christian crybaby complained when somebody (not me) wrote about the Magical Creationism Museum "I hope it burns to the ground with Ken Ham still inside it."

As if it would be a bad thing if thousands more children were not his next victims.

I'm against violence. I'm a peace loving person. But let's not pretend everyone on this planet deserves to live here. We can't murder them. That would be wrong. But I don't see anything wrong with wishing they would drop dead. And I don't see anything wrong with celebrating their deaths.

And if that makes Christian crybabies cry like babies, they can go fuck themselves.

Here is something somebody else wrote about Ken Ham's child abuse organization:

"I heard a lecture given by a biologist who went there. She was horrified not only at the huge piles of intentional misinformation, but at the way they wouldn't let you go back or exit before you'd been through the whole thing in the order the designers decreed. It's as if they were trying to keep people prisoners in there until they'd heard the whole sermon. No real museum is set up that way. No real museum tries to pass off dogma as accurate information."

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