Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our two thousand dead genes only make sense in the light of evolution.

The other night while trying to get to sleep I opened up my Why Evolution is True book to a random page and I found several paragraphs about the gene required for mammals to make vitamin C. But for primates including us this gene is dead. We survive anyway because we human apes and our ancient ape ancestors have been obtaining vitamin C from fruit. We don't need this gene so when a mutation occurred in the common ancestor of all primates that killed this gene there was no problem.

So why did the Magic Jeebus Man magically create this dead gene even though we don't need it and even though it's dead? Is the Magic Jeebus Man a moron? Or is magical creationism bullshit?

In Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True I read the whole thing about the GLO gene (page 67 thru page 69 in the hardcover book). Mr. Coyne explained everything in extreme detail but it was easy to understand. He described many facts about the GLO gene and he explained why all these facts only make sense if evolution is true. This evidence could not possibly be more powerful. If for some strange reason there was no other evidence for evolution (there's millions of more evidences) these paragraphs about this one dead gene would be enough to call evolution a fact.

Idiot America where I live is infested with millions of evolution deniers. Every time I read about evidence for evolution I think about these fucking idiots who deny the whole thing, and my burning contempt for their stupidity grows.

Their problem, besides the fact they're retards, is the idea we're just apes totally kills the magic fantasy world they live in. Evolution kills everything including their god fairy, their magical heaven fantasy, and especially their belief that people are completely separate from the rest of nature.

This was what I used to believe when I was a brainwashed kid. The idea is there are people and there are animals. People are not animals. We are completely different from all other creatures.

All of this is bullshit of course. For example chimps are more closely related to us than they are to gorillas and orangutans. We are apes and we are just one small twig on the vast tree of life.

It's these scientific facts that make morons cry. They are just not able to even consider throwing out their people-are-special fantasy. Without knowing one thing about evolution they are convinced evolution is just a joke.

These fucktards are everywhere in Idiot America. Pick any 10 Americans randomly and virtually all of them will believe in magical creationism. And there is no chance of changing their minds. Show them evidence and no matter how simple and how obvious the evidence is, they will not understand. Even if you used puppets to help them understand they still wouldn't get it.

Our science education sucks. Most of our science teachers suck. The students learn nothing. There is no hope.

One of my best posts about this subject from almost one year ago:

Evolution deniers deny evolution because they're fucking idiots.

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