Monday, September 2, 2013

Senator John McCain, the most retarded Republican in United States history, actually did something right.

I'm a fiscal conservative so I almost always vote for Republicans. But in 2008 McCain was the Republican candidate for president. McCain is so fucking stupid I decided to vote for the liberal, Mr. Obama.

So I was very surprised to read in the New York Times about Mr. McCain actually doing something right.

I have been watching Assad's atrocities in Syria on BBC News. I saw babies dying from Assad's poisonous gas. I saw children dying from terrible burns after Assad's war planes dropped a napalm bomb on their school.

If we ignore these atrocities against hundreds of children then every fucktard dictator in the world will think they can get away with anything. Only a wimp would do nothing. President Obama agrees. We must teach that fucking asshole a lesson.

This is what surprised me, from the New York Times:

McCain Urges Lawmakers to Back Obama’s Plan for Syria

What I recently watched on BBC News:

Syria: 'napalm' bomb dropped on school playground, BBC claims

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