Tuesday, August 1, 2017

There are real atheists and there are liberal atheists. The liberals suck up to Muslim scum. Why? Because they're fucking morons. What I wrote at a blog that's infested with liberal scum:

"Sam Harris’ racist support for police profiling anyone who 'looks like' a Muslim."
Obviously you people are liberals. You think keeping the country safe is racism. Stupid assholes, aka liberal crybabies, invoke words like racism and bigoted to suppress freedom of speech. You fucking assholes especially like the ridiculous word "Islamophobia". You suck up to Muslim scum. Why? Because liberals are fucking morons.
"Atheist Movement"
When did atheism become a movement? You people are strange.
Goodbye. I won't be back. You liberal fucktards have fun insulting me and crying like babies. The stupid. It burns.

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