Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Was the development of the universe a natural process or was it a magical process?

Christian assholes have to hide their god of the gaps somewhere. One of their favorite hiding places is just before the Big Bang. Unfortunately for the cowardly morons they can't hide it there anymore.

The rest of this post is a copy and paste job. It's about how the universe was developed from nothing. This is not my favorite branch of science. I own a book about it ("A Universe From Nothing, Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss) but I haven't been able to get interested in it. I prefer evolutionary biology.

I'm not qualified to say if this copy and paste job is accurate information but it looks a bit interesting. It was written at another website. The person's internet name is "Fun Bucket" and he's from Renton, Washington.

The universe from nothing or created?
it is known by physicists that the total energy output of the entire universe is exactly 0. what is significant about that? that means that it could have only begun from nothing, or the math wouldn't work out. also, the geometric shape of the universe also indicates that it has to be 0, because if it weren't, the universe would be very different, and the laws of physics would be VERY different.

also, let's say you take empty space. you remove any particles or radiation... it's literally NOTHING. it turns out that the "nothing" is very random and allows virtual particles to literally pop in and out of existence if you apply gravity and quantum physics correctly. the quantum fluctuations are what allowed a universe today, because if you wait long enough, things will come into existence without the need of a god. keep in mind that the universe maintains an incredibly inefficient and stupid design...
there is proof that it came from nothing.

this does not mean that something will magically appear like a god. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE UNIVERSE 13.7 BILLION YEARS AGO WAS UNDER EXTREMELY DIFFERENT CONDITIONS THAT THERE ARE NOW. the nutrients we are made of didn't even exist at the beginning... they had to "evolve" in some sense from the stars

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